Moving Flexo Foward

The Flexo Xperience Center

The ONLY flexography-focused center telling the story from design to post-print

Who is The FXC for?

Pre-media suppliers, printers, converters: Trial the latest innovations in flexographic printing
Brands and CPGs: A collaborative center to design, create, and experiment with the most innovative companies in flexo.
Students and Educational Institutions: Collaborate with leading flexo innovators
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Anyone in the package printing industry: Collaborate, research, experiment, learn to achieve flexo excellence with full confidentiality when required.
SOMA Optima2 Printing Press
MacDermid Graphics Solutions
MacDermid Graphics Solutions

A global leader in the manufacture of flexographic printing plates and platemaking equipment.

SOMA Engineering

SOMA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flexographic printing presses and converting equipment.

The Print Story


Packaging goes from concept to design to files ready to print.

This stage in the flexo process includes image retouching, color management, file preparation, and advanced screening. The FXC partners in this step are CSW Inc., Digimarc, Esko, Flexo Wash, GMG Color, Hamillroad, Hybrid Software, X-Rite Pantone.


The plates are processed for printing

The image is laser ablated to the printing plates, the plates are processed, and analyzed. The FXC partners in this step include MacDermid Graphics Solutions, CleanPlanet, DAM Italy, Esko, and Troika Systems.

Plate Mounting

The plates are prepared to go on press

The plates are mounted on the printing sleeve using sticky back tape or other adhesive solutions. The FXC partners of plate mounting include SOMA, AV Flexologic, Lohmann, Rossini, Tech Sleeves, and tesa.


The design is printed

Multiple components work together to reproduce high-quality images on film, paper, and other media. The partners of The FXC for the printing step include SOMA, Apex, BST Group, Esterlam, Harper, Interflex, and Provident.


Components used in printing are cleaned and stored

The plates and anilox rolls are cleaned and stored. The post-print cleaning partner of The FXC is Flexo Wash. 

Print Analysis

The final print is inspected off-line and converted to its final form

Once the printing is complete the print is inspected and when complete the packaging is converted. The FXC partners of this step are ColorConsulting, GMG Color, and X-Rite Pantone.

Why The FXC is needed

Brad Wills
Brad Wills MacDermid Global Senior VP

We believe innovation comes from collaboration. The FXC is the perfect place for suppliers, printers, and brand managers to innovate together.

Garrett Taylor
Garrett Taylor SOMA US and Canada Sales Director

The FXC is a unique opportunity to provide both a place to get the most out of flexo technology as well as a lab environment to learn.

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SOMA Optima2 Printing Press
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