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A Center to Move Flexo Forward

The Flexo Xperience Center (FXC) brings the industry together to Move Flexo Forward through collaboration, research, experimentation, and training. We challenge the status quo in flexo printing to drive innovation in all areas of the printing process. The FXC is a forum for the entire flexo community. We believe the next big advancement in flexographic printing will come from these partnerships. You can achieve the highest in quality and efficiency with our state-of-the-art pre-press, platemaking and printing technology all located inside one facility.

The Flexo Xperience Center Difference

Everything needed to conduct start-to-finish print trials.

Xperience the Latest Technology

The FXC is a 32,000 sq. ft. global center located in the heart of Atlanta, GA. In-person and virtual events are hosted throughout the year. The FXC gives the industry the opportunity to advance emerging technology projects from one location, collaborating with many co-suppliers. The FXC is also a one-stop-shop to train your employees and customers on the entire flexo workflow. 

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WestRock Endorsement for the FXC
I was blown away during my visit to the FXC. It excites me to have so many partners working together under one roof, united by a common goal of propelling the flexo world forward. I believe with the ability to teach, to collaborate, and to innovate across company lines.
FXC Endoresements - Winpak
The FXC is a spacious facility with an inviting feel that welcomes everyone. It has great representation and sponsorship from a variety of the top suppliers within the industry. The opportunities are endless with a facility like this one as a one-stop shop.
FXC Endoresements - Winpak
The sponsorship by many different top suppliers within the Flexible Packaging industry will help raise the bar of Flexo Printing in North America.
The FXC Endorsements  - Georgia Pacific
The FXC team has crafted a personal experience to showcase the process and provide a platform to articulate the many steps in the packaging creation workflow.
FXC Flexologic Endoresement
We have the opportunity to collaborate with other FXC partners to take our products to the next level. Finally, we are able to build a community where competition is absent and partnership is paramount.
The FXC Brand Pillars

The FXC Provides

Everything needed to conduct start-to-finish print trials (equipment, software, and consumables), Hands-on experience with the latest in printing technology, Ultramodern AV equipment for in-person or virtual visits and presentations, Access to a full graphics supply chain network including over 40 flexo partners, A confidential space to create and produce design mock-ups at a neutral location. You can also rent The FXC for print trials, events, training and more at extremely competitive rates!

Flexo Education